Upcoming Projects!

Saga of Sunset Surf (May 2020)

Things were different in the 80s – hungry seagulls, oddball townsfolk, and secret islands are just a few of the things the town of Sunset Surf has to offer. When Lola’s parents fly her out here to become a lifeguard, she doesn’t know that she’ll be in for a totally-tubular summer ahead.

Interact with fellow recruits!
Play a variety of short minigames!
Explore the town of Sunset Surf!
Visit the hottest locations on the beach!



Gauntlet: Dark Legacy – Remastered (2020)

A remake of everyone’s favorite of the Gauntlet series! Experience Sumner’s eight unique realms like you’ve never seen them before! Hack and slash though hoards of monsters with nineteen different characters – eight returning, eleven secret. Can you survive your quest to destroy the demon Skorne?

“Welcome back, Red Warrior!”

To see the current progress of this project, or if you are interested in helping out, please use this link to my Discord server! https://discord.gg/MPruVPz



Khumbi and the Lost Portal (2012)

All Amy McCaffrey has to look forward to is another summer alone. With neglectful parents and trips to her batty aunt’s house, all she wants in times like these is to escape somewhere. So, she’s very surprised one day when a mysterious tree starts growing on her lawn – one that sends her to a place that’s out of this world.