Game Design

Saga of Sunset Surf (2020)



Khumbi and the New World (2019)



Hunted (2018)

A mother who has recently lost her son returns to the site of his grave to say one final goodbye… until she discovers she’s not alone.


Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (2018)


Paradise (2018)



Knocker Blocker (2018)

Get groovy! Knock down the blocks of each tower to grow your ball larger and larger.


Neighborhood Hero (2018)

NHHScreenshot 2


Corace Quest: The (Unofficial) Sequel (2018)

In this text-based (unofficial) sequel to the famous “Corace Quest”, play as beloved game designer and professor Jason Corace and guide him through a quest he’ll never forget!


4A1L (2018)



Ultimate Baby Stretcher (2018)

In an undisclosed hospital, in an unmarked location, two unlicensed doctors must be careful in carrying a baby to the end goal.